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Nanowrimo 2023 Project -- Dhampir's Story!

 We've reached the halfway point for Nanowrimo '23 and I'm at the 28K-ish mark of the first draft of Dhampir's backstory. In the tale, she's still Dhampirika. I'm sure the draft is going to go past 50K because I haven't even gotten her to the Fomorian homeland yet. A few things have sprung up that I'm going to have to see how it affects the other novels in the series-- 1) Aettrynne plays a much bigger role in Dhampir's childhood than I originally thought. In the overarching storylines between the characters, I knew she was going to be the Eravisci's war-mage, replacing the head of their druidic council when he is killed. In working out Dhamp's plot, though, she popped up much earlier than expected--in fact, she delivers the infant Dhampir! (And she also keeps the child from killing her mother during the birth process.) So now, I have the basis of why Dhamp and Aev have a quiet almost sibling-like competitive thing between them. Aettrynne knew