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Sometimes Catnip isn't Enough

Moggie loved it when new crops of plants were brought up to the landing of Tempest Fortress. The clanks always made her giggle and the smell of the plants being carefully dried was always a treat. Fae, Ariadne, Moira, and Dhampie had come to help with things and, Moggie thought that it felt like family for the first time in a while. They may not be actually family by blood, but the women were as close to aunts as she would ever have. Moggie grabbed a bunch of the tiny Speirling roses and let out a giggle-squee as their electric sparks made her hair, ears, and tail all defy gravity. This made the women stop working for a moment and Moggie heard her mother cackle for the first time in, it seemed, ages. But something was amiss. Moggie quickly realized that her sister, Min, wasn’t in the chorus of laughter at her antics. She put the armful of flowers down, defuzzing after a moment or two. Soon, she spotted her twin, on the other side of the piles of flowers and other plants. Min was perc