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Heart of the Everstorm Book One Available at Second Life's Birthday!

After much anticipation, I'm thrilled to announce the 'soft release' of Heart of the Everstorm Book One during this year's Second Life Birthday celebration. As part of the Sing the Song of Speirling exhibit, you can acquire an aetheric copy of Book One in the Sky temple. This virtual book, can be placed on inworld tables or shelves and leads to a PDF online copy of the text. At the exhibit's ground level, visitors can view images from Speirling's history, from its creation on the grid to more recent events. Notecard text from the Memory Bridge: Welcome to the Sing the Song of Speirling exhibit for SL21B, a unique celebration of Caledon's longest-lived duchy! This exhibit is a testament to the rich history of Caledon's oldest remaining homestead duchy region, a place that has witnessed and shaped significant events over the years.  Use shared environment (on medium settings or above) and turn